By Stella Yerifor

I just wanted to share a testimony of God’s protection, faithfulness and love for me.

Early on Tuesday Morning about 4.30am, I got up to use the toilet.  I remember making it to the bedroom door, after that all I remember is my husband picking me up from the floor.  I had actually passed out.  My husband said he heard a thud that woke him up, he instantaneously jumped out of bed and saw me laying on the floor.  

He proceeded to pick me up and I came to.  He asked me what happened, but I couldn’t tell him as I had just blacked out.  After I had recollected my self, I was still able to go to the bathroom and did not feel unwell at all.

I checked my Blood pressure and it was fine.  I called my cousin who’s a doctor, who got me to check my bp standing up as well.  She said everything seemed fine after asking various questions.  She advised me to rest for the rest of the day and not drive. I’m perfectly fine now but it was a very scary experience as I have never fainted before.

I just want to thank God because as I’ve been reflecting on the experience, I realised a lot could have gone wrong.  I could have hit my head on the bed post on my way down but I didn’t.  In fact, I’m not sure how I didn’t because where the bedroom door is, naturally, I should have fallen in that direction but I didn’t, which I don’t understand till today.  

Also,  from the way I must have fallen,  I wouldn’t have been able to break my fall, which means there should be bruises or at least pain from the fall but there is nothing like that.  I also, thank God that AG was home.  If it wasn’t for this pandemic, he would have been at work. 

God is faithful and always goes before us to make the crooked places straight! You know I don’t normally do this but God pushed me to share this with you!

God Bless.